Intern boosts Border Partners’ Effectiveness in Palomas

Hi Everyone! My name is Lily Eichorst, and I am Border Partners’ new intern in Palomas. I want to tell you all a little bit about me, why I am here, and what I am doing:


I am originally from a little town in northern Wisconsin, but for the last few years I have been studying International Relations at Karlshochschule International University in Karlsruhe, Germany. Prior to commencing my undergraduate studies, I spent a semester enrolled in an international studies program at the International People’s College in Denmark and the following several months volunteering with an NGO from the refugee aid sector in Serbia. Most recently, I was fortunate enough to spend a semester in Argentina immersed in Spanish, studying Latin American economics and environmental sociology. I am passionate about humanitarianism, community building, and facilitating intercultural exchange and dialogue.

Focus and Intent

Lily Eichorst

Lily Eichorst

Addressing border-specific issues that arise in these particularly unique contexts around the world has been a key focus of my academic and professional life so far. I have a keen interest in forced migration and international refugee law, and hope to center on these interest areas as I write my Bachelor thesis and begin graduate studies next year.

I will be with Border Partners for the next few months completing my internship. After just a couple of weeks here I can say there is nowhere else I’d rather be! The opportunity to engage with an array of diverse projects on the ground, to connect with the passionate members of the community in Palomas, and to help with whatever I can is such a privilege.

So, you’ll be hearing more from me as I take on some of Border Partners’ social media pages, participate in daily affairs and projects, and improve my Spanish-English translation skills!

5 thoughts on “Intern boosts Border Partners’ Effectiveness in Palomas”

  1. Lily It’s wonderful to have you working with us. I certainly enjoy my time with you and am astounded at what you have accomplished internationally and have contributed to our staff!

  2. Hi. My name is Nelson Bank. I’m becoming involved with Education in Palomas. I’ll be modeling a new methodology for teaching English. My contact at the schools is Gustavo at the telebachillerato, from 4 to 6 p.m. Mon-Thurs.
    I’ll be in Palomas Monday afternoon next week.

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