Helping Colonia Modelo with Basic Supplies

A long line of people in need gladly waited to receive basic supplies in Colonia Modelo this week.

 Border Partners staff provided assistance in Colonia Modelo on Monday this week. A distribution of basic food supplies in 50 food baskets helped the community; we were happy to carry out that three hour operation. In addition to food, we also provided warm clothing, shoes and blankets that we’d received as donations. 

Colonia Modelo’s elementary school director, Profesor Manuel, identified families in need. With his help, each family received a voucher to present at the event.

Seven Border Partners staff members gave good reviews to the event organization and its execution. The program helped us to acquire some basic information from each of the families. In this way, we met some new recipients in the community who will benefit from future food basket events. Other Border Partners staffers remained in Palomas to continue regular programming.

Paso del Norte Community Foundation, gave us a $15,000 grant for food baskets. That money funded this distribution. These activities will run from January to July as a pandemic relief activity. 
Colonia Modelo lies 20 minutes from Palomas, which is directly on the US-Mexico border. Economic opportunity is dimmer in Colonia Modelo than in Palomas, which has municipality status. Basic resources like food, clean water and–more recently–electricity are not reliably present in Colonia Modelo. Many area families work in the agriculture sector; so, their wages are adequate to supply only the most basic needs. 

Clothing that was donated was distributed for those in need.

At Your Service! Border Partners staff executed the distribution operations and thought it went very well.

Supplies were well organized to speed the operation. Keeping people moving quickly through the process is important in these days as we deal with the pandemic.

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