Finally! Starting to open up again

Bike March 2021

Melissa Reyes, Border Partners General Manager looks content as the bikers pass by through the streets of Palomas at the March 2021 Community Bike Event.

Palomas residents receive COVID-19 vaccination, assisted by Border Partners Promotoras.

March was a really busy month for Border Partners. But all the action is positive, and things are starting to slowly open up. This is exciting. Of course we are still paying attention to safety for all with face masks and social distancing at all our activities.

Vaccinations Begin in Palomas

On Tuesday, March 23, the first vaccination for COVID-19 for seniors over the age 60 took place in Palomas. The Promotoras, in cooperation with the Centro Salud Clinic organized the procedures for the day and helped with registration. The lines were incredibly long and many of the seniors had not had food in a few hours. Border Partners fed about 100 people that day!  We are already making plans for the next event, which will take place in three weeks. This will be the second round of shots for this same group.

Spring Bicycle Event 

March 2021 ended with a community bicycle event in Palomas on March 25. The Border Partners’ organizers were pleased with the turnout, as the number of participants surpassed their expectations. Twenty-six children biker participants enjoyed riding with several adults and our staff. In addition, we were supported by 22 community volunteers who helped us distribute supplies, stop traffic and make sure everyone was safe throughout the day.

It takes a lot of preparation to organize a community bike event.

In light of the pandemic we used the event as an opportunity to reinforce community health education related to COVID-19. Through the course of the afternoon’s activities, we gave away face masks, mini (handsized) hand sanitizers, and COVID-19 brochures. We tried hard to enforce social distancing.

To support road safety, all adults wore safety vests and carried stop signs. Community police officers accompanied and led the bikers. The Palomas Fire Fighters also assisted with safety and leadership.

To add to the fun, raffle tickets determined winners of six gifts for participants. There were three gift baskets for boys and three gift baskets for girls.

At the end of the event, we asked the children if they would like another event like this. Their answer was a resounding “yes.” They were so excited to hear that we’re ready to conduct another bike day event this summer.

The older guys had their own event, led by Palomas officials. Safety was paramount as organizers prepared for the Bicycle Event.

Young energy under a luminous desert sunny sky fueled bikes through the town on as March concluded in Palomas.

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