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BORDER PARTNERS: General Manager

Job Description and Responsibilities

Description: The General Manager is responsible for the development, implementation, monitoring and quality control of all operations of Border Partners. The Manager provides effective professional leadership and ensures the establishment and implementation of sound financial management including the creation and adherence to an annual budget approved by the Board of Directors (Board). The Manager is responsible for community interaction. The Manager informs and advises the Board, and serves as an employee of the Board. The Manager oversees all staffing functions and programmatic implementation in New Mexico and in Palomas, Chihuahua. The Manager ensures that all information requested by the Board is provided in a timely and accurate manner, and arranges, facilitates and works with the President to help carry out regular Board meetings. The General Manager will work and commute to Mexico from their home office in the U.S., as Border Partners has no established office space except in Palomas, Chihuahua, Mexico. The Manager must interact with those that are Spanish-speaking only and, therefore, must be bilingual.

Management Responsibilities: The General Manager is the principal leader within Border Partners and is responsible for maintaining the highest levels of know-how and problem-solving. The Manager is responsible to the Board, but has broad authority to assign responsibilities and delegate duties to staff, contractors, and volunteers. The Manager may dismiss an employee with justification and/or establish new staff positions, both requiring Board approval. The Manager has broad authority to hire, motivate, and discipline staff as appropriate to achieve the goals of the organization as approved by the Board. In addition, the Manager has the following duties:
• Works with all staff and volunteers in New Mexico and Palomas to establish clear goals and objectives and ensures that each has the necessary skills, training, and knowledge to carry out their respective assignments in response to the Border Partners strategic plan;
• Recruits, trains and supervises volunteers to assist with certain activities for which the Manager has responsibility;
• Keeps the Board apprised of employee and volunteer needs and any issues, as may be appropriate, to maintain the highest productivity possible and to reach goals and objectives established for each project or activity;
• Ensures that programs meet the stated needs of the residents of Palomas, and monitors program delivery to ensure continuous improvement and high quality of services;
• Maintains good relations with staff;
• Maintains job descriptions for all staff and ensures annual review of work successes and/or needs for improvement;
• Works with the Board and staff to implement strategic and operational plans, and performance measures as may be required under any contracts or grants;
• Serves as liaison between the organization and broader community; and
• Attends outreach meetings to disseminate information to all stakeholders in the binational community of Border Partners.

Financial Responsibilities: The General Manager shall act as the lead administrator for Border Partners and shall ensure that the accounting practices established by the Board are fully followed. The Manager shall ensure that:
• An internal financial control structure exists and is functioning properly;
• All transactions are properly classified in the accounting records;

• All payroll transactions are implemented accurately and on time;
• All cash account records are reconciled in a timely manner;
• All expenditures have a public benefit to the Border Partners recipients;
• All payments to vendors are accurate and timely, and that the appropriate employee has certified that the payments are for services rendered or goods received in accordance with systems established by the Board and/or under requirements of a contract or grant;
• Ensures that all cash transactions are handled properly; and
• Ensures that annual and periodic reporting to the Board is timely and accurate.

Grantmaking and Fundraising: The Manager will work with Board members and volunteers to raise funds through donations from organizations and individuals in the greater community on both sides of the border and to research possible grant opportunities. The Manager will write proposals for grants approved by the Board as appropriate. The Manager will attend trainings and/or orientations that may be recommended by granting organizations and/or instruct staff to attend.

Other Duties: The Manager will keep the Board apprised of changing trends in funding availability, staff changes, community needs, and political changes in the border region, especially as these may affect the implementation of projects and activities. Finally, the Manager shall make recommendations to the Board on current and future operations to maximize efficiency, organizational cohesiveness, and overall program success.

Minimum Required Skills and Experience:
Bilingual in Spanish and English
Demonstrated understanding of Mexican culture, values, and practices, and ability to communicate effectively with Spanish-speaking staff and public
Experience in program management and/or business management
Experience in financial management, record keeping and reporting
Demonstrated written and oral communication skills
Proficient in computer-based office productivity and communications protocols and systems; experience in QuickBooks is preferred.
Current driver’s license
Current US Passport

Preferred Skills and Experience:
Bachelor’s degree in social services, social work, education, international relations, business management, non-profit management, human resources or similar fields of study
Experience with non-profit organizations
Demonstrated ability to work with others, especially volunteers, community liaisons, political decision makers
Experience in writing grants
Experience with the use of social media to promote programs and disseminate information

Physical/Visual Activities or Demands:
The position requires the physical ability to travel to, from and within northern Mexico.
The position involves driving, so adequate visual acuity to obtain a driver’s license is required.
The position requires loading, carrying, and unloading boxes weighing 20 to 50 lbs.
The position may also involve moving tables, chairs, etc.
This position requires periods of standing and walking; and sitting in office setting.
This position requires occasional work on weekends and evenings.

Environmental/Atmospheric Conditions:
General office environment
Activities in Palomas and other communities are frequently held in hot, dusty and windy conditions.