Coronavirus Update from Palomas

Image by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay

News of the virus is not good this week from Palomas. Numbers of new cases rise each week, as is similar to the situation all along the border. Numbers of new cases are rising both on the Mexico and the U.S. sides of the border.

Last week, Border Partners heard that there were about 40 active cases in Palomas. It hit our organization directly: one of our staffers and her four children contracted coronavirus. There are most likely many more cases but the government isn’t releasing numbers. The town does not have testing equipment or any way to do contact tracing.
Palomas has always been a bad place to get sick because there is no hospital there.  The closest one is in Deming, NM, but that is only available to those who have a passport.
Our staff have had to cancel zumba classes, the senior citizens meeting that gathers single elderly for socialization, and a health fair. This is because no meetings of five or more attendees are allowed now. 
Despite all this, garden activities are continuing and staff members are cooking and delivering meals five days a week to seniors.  Needy families continue coming to the Border Partners’ office to pick up boxes of food as they need them.
In hard times like these, we’re more grateful than ever for your support. Indeed! It’s what keeps us going!

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