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Border Partners, a nonprofit organization, is creating a model to improve life and build hope in communities on the US-Mexico border. We promote cooperative efforts. Join us!

~Working Together ● Creating Opportunity ● Changing Lives~

Border Partners sparks positive change on the U.S.-Mexico border.

What are the needs?  

We bring resources and introduce new ideas to address challenging needs at the border. Learn more about needs of the U.S.-Mexico border region.

Palomas children in need

How do we help?

Our programs tackle four general areas, enhancing and extending the support of existing institutions. We introduce ideas to help increase income, improve health and education and utilize low cost, sustainable technologies. Learn about our programs.

greenhouse vegetables

Border residents work together to improve living conditions in Puerto Palomas. Fresh grown vegetables improve health and nutrition.

Partner with us

We welcome your help in our exciting mission. Learn how you can participate!

kids on border learn tech

Join as as we bring exciting new technologies to the border.

What’s new on the border?

Follow our work and stay updated on our news blog. Learn how we’re fighting disease that’s rampant in Mexico, in our most recent post.

checking weight

Local health promoter checks a citizen’s weight at a health fair. Raising awareness battles disease.

~Working Together ● Creating Opportunity ● Changing Lives~